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                Contact Us | Chinese | English
                About Us
                Quality Assurance

                Strictly in accordance with the requirement of ISO/TS16949, we worked by the code of “meet the customer’s demand”.  Hongbright consistently improve and verify the quality management system by supervision and data analysis.


                Quality Management System(ISO/TS16949)

                Based on ISO9001, TS16949 added technical manual of auto industry. This standard keep the same pace with ISO9000:2000 but pay more attention on drawback precaution, aim to reduce the quality fluctuation and waste of auto parts in supply chain.

                Reliability Verification
                Adopt international standard photoelectric tester and reliable equipment to make sure the high quality of products.

                Photoelectric tester:DSC thermal analyzer、X-ray analyzerangle analyzerIS testerRoHS testermetallographic tooling                                                microscope and so on.




                              DSC thermal analyzer                     angle analyzer                         IS tester

                Adopt the design principle of,with stable thermogravimetric test、accurate temperature control, precise measurement of Tg of material

                 Made in Germany, with world standard,
                 test photoelectric parameter of light like
                 special light intensity distribution,
                 automatically generate IES file, make
                 customer use it conveniently in the field
                 of design

                 Made in Germany, with world standard,
                 mainly test the photoelectric parameter
                 of light like VF、 LM、MW、CCT、CRI


                      X-ray Layer Thickness Meter                    RoHS tester               Tool Projector

                Analyze the plating thickness and fineness of element, accurate testing results can be get for several seconds

                 Accurately test the substance content of RoHS and HF in sample, detect and control the raw material

                 High- accuracy, indication error within
                 (3+L/100)um, measuring error of
                  skeleton less than 0.08%

                             Static Analog MeterMetallographical measuring microscope                       Chip tester

                Simulate electrostatic discharge and
                evaluate the anti-static function of
                electric appliance and electronic

                Amplify 2000 times,can measure the altitude intercept of transparent material

                         Test the parameters of chip

                Reliability experimental equipment: High & Low Temperature Impact Testing Machine、TEMP&HUMI chamber、Temperature testing machine、Ultraviolet Accelerated Aging Tester、Salt Spray Tester 、High Temperature Aging Tester

                     High Temperature Aging Tester  Ultraviolet Accelerating Aging Tester
                             Salt Spray Tester

                Accelerating aging by simulation of high
                temperature environment to test the lifes
                pan of LED

                Observe the functional change of LED
                under the simulation of extreme
                ultraviolet environment

                National standard, verify the resistance to
                corros   ion of material


                          High & Low Temperature
                          Impact Testing Machine

                           TEMP&HUMI chamber
                       Temperature testing machine

                Simulate the alternate cooling and
                heating environment from
                -40℃—105℃ to test the performance
                of LED

                Verify the stability temperature range of
                LED under the extreme environment

                Test the change of performance index
                of  LED in t  he case of rapid

                Verification process of reliability: all products have been tested before shipment to make sure the products we offered have good quality



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