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                Contact Us | Chinese | English

                      Thoroughly welfare benefits are the basis of team development.

                      As a company with social responsibility, we strictly abide by the operational and management mode of national law and set up a
                 series of human-based welfare benefits.


                 Corporate welfare:

                 1、Salary system with competitive mechanism: monthly pay + performance + quarterly bonus + year-end bonus;

                 2、When employed, staff will get Five insurances (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-
                      related injury insurance, childbirth insurance) and housing fund and commercial insurance(serious sickness insurance, accident

                 3、Public holiday、marital leave、maternity leave will be offered. And five days paid annual leave will be added when worked over a

                 4、Festival gift will be prepared for staff;

                 5、Colorful spare time activities will be offered (travel、outdoor extending、birthday party、annul party、department activities、table
                      tennis、basketball、soccer、badminton game and so on);

                 6、Abundant annual lottery、annual banquet、artist program and other splendid recreational activities;

                 7、Comfortable accommodation and healthy food offered freely to all staff;

                 Training and development:

                 1、Formulate career development according to personal career requirement;

                 2、Offer competitive internal promotion access;

                 3、Formulate training course for personal career development;

                 4、Selection of outstanding employee annually, outstanding employee will get extra salary increase opportunity and cash bonus;


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