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                Contact Us | Chinese | English

                      Sincerely welcome all excellent graduates join us, we believe that hardworking and opportunity will lighten the road of value realization and life goal achievement. 

                      Colleges are a reservoir of talents. After several years of professional study, students already possess systematic theoretical knowledge. Although they may lack of work experience, employment advantage still obvious. Such as passion、quick learning、more open to new things、less stereotype in mind and have good visions for future and so on. More importantly, they are freshman in workplace who was malleable; it would be easy for them to accept company’s ideas and culture. It is those characteristic attract us to make campus recruitment become one of important recruitment channel for Hongbright.6360523406811141926527810.jpg

                     Adhere to the management idea of “people oriented”, we focus on professional training to employee. Employees will get systematic training when he or she joins us. Pre-job training, skill training ensured new staff can easily adaptable to work. During employment, company will offer various kinds of outside training and internal training to improve all aspects of quality and skill of our staff.

                    We insist on the idea of “people oriented”, pay more attention to the development of human resource, implement human-based management and lay stress on team work. Create value and share results have always been our core management idea.

                      Our work time is five days a week and eight hours per day. (Company will pay overtime wage in accordance with labor law standard) Salary system with competitive mechanism: monthly pay + performance + quarterly bonus + year-end bonus.

                    In face of opportunity and challenge, we sincerely invite all excellent graduates join us and work with us for the good vision of “build classic brand and reputed in world”.


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