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                Contact Us | Chinese | English

                Solemn statement

                To prevent lawbreaker do defraud activities in the name of our company, now we issue the following statement:All the recruitment information is released from professional recruiting website (At present they are CJOL and company website). And we have a set of standard job interview process; all interview information was sent out by company’s switchboard or e-mail. (Shenzhen Hongbright Optoelectronics Co., Ltd   Add: West Area B Entrance Furong Street, Shangjing Town, Bao‘an District Shenzhen City, Guangdong China) Company has on-site first and second interview, we won’t inform you to go in for training or get the job just for phone interview. At the same time, we won’t charge any fees in the process of interview、training. Job seeker can search for further information in our company's website www.helpwithstyle.com ; also can call us to verify the information. (Phone: 0755-817620601) 

                Whoever released false recruitment information in the name of our company shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law. And our company has no business with such illegal activities.

                Hongbright has spent more than ten years focus on the field of LED component and LED lighting; we have a complete system of talent training and staff welfare. Herein, we sincerely welcome the graduate major in marketing、foreign trade、business administration and other experienced personage join us.

                Contact person: Mr.Wang         Tel:138-0988-3430         Phone: 0755-81770225-8225        E-mail: steven@kbocn.com

                > Sales Engineer:
                > Foreign trade elite:
                > Foreign trade Documentary:
                > Business Assistant:

                Copyright ? 2016 ShenZhen Hong Liang Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. All Right Reserved. 粵ICP備19408460號 

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